We provide expert insight in everyday language. Specialising in System and Process: Audit, Review & Recommendations, our consultants deliver analysis with actionable findings to improve the current state of IT within your organisation. We engage with all levels of your organisation – conducting detailed process reviews, root cause analysis, and business process workshops – to identify areas of strength to reinforce and efficiency opportunities to leverage. Our qualified change & project managers provide continual practical support and guidance to the business through all growth and change phases.

Gap Solutions

Our gap solutions can achieve more seamless integrations between your existing systems and provide functionality and that is required, but currently missing. Are there areas in your IT systems that require duplicated effort or manual workarounds to achieve your process requirements? We have extensive experience in delivering solutions where established vendors have failed. Modillion Technology’s light & rapid deployment of bespoke gap solutions have helped billion-dollar companies achieve regulatory compliance and process (cost) savings in areas that larger, established vendors were not able to deliver.

Custom Business Systems

Modillion Technology design and develop web-based custom business systems that fit each nuance of your business processes. All of our systems are based on our proprietary code-engine that supports your functional needs without limitations. Modillion systems are designed to grow and adapt with your business to provide maximised autonomy and minimise future development costs. Our custom business systems are used in some of the largest government and private organisations in WA. With our track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, you can have confidence in your IT project.