• Why Modillion?

      We provide insight and understanding to create IT solutions that work for your business, so you don't have to work around it.
      We empower IT in your business.

    • Specialising in System and Process: Audit, Review & Recommendations, we deliver insights with actionable findings to improve the current state of IT within the organisation, establishing a relationship of understanding and trust that provides continual functional support and guidance to the business through all growth and change phases. 

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    • Information is the life-blood of most organisations, carrying native signals of otherwise unseen business activity. Harnessing this information to allow specific information to specific people in real time would enable businesses to make more informed decisions, consistently. Does your data do this for you?  Reconcile and leverage your existing data sources.

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    • Modillion Technology design and develop web-based custom business solutions that fit each nuance of your business processes.  All of our systems are designed to grow and adapt with your business to provide maximised autonomy and minimising future development costs.  With our track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, you can have confidence in your IT project.

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    • About Us

      Since 2007, Modillion Technology has consistently sought to provide the highest quality, business-centric IT solutions to organisations.

      With experience delivering solutions for varied organisations (government & non-government; non-profit, privately owned, or publicly listed) and our demonstrated commitment to business requirements, personal & honest communication, and intelligence of design – Modillion Technology is uniquely placed to deliver your best-fit IT solution.

      Our operations centre on our "i5 Philosophy":

      • Integrity: of character in relationships, and of data & system behaviours
      • Intuition: understand the purpose (not just the procedure) to enable anticipation, not only reaction
      • Intelligence: displaying elegant, brilliant design; and relevant, considered implementation
      • Innovation: re-think and re-design to do it better
      • Infinity: solutions that fit an organisation should hold steady over time, and grow with the organisation

    • Testimonials

    • “…architect of a fantastic reporting tool to track ICT commissioning progress ...was able to rapidly assess request and feedback to transform this tool into an informative, easy to use software that was custom built to be optimal for the intended purpose ...used from a granular level through to the highest levels of governance ...ability to process incoming request from multiple varied inputs with technical skill and an industrious, affable nature

      Dr David Vyse, Medical Lead – Perth Children's Hospital Project

    • “…heavily involved in analysing health informatics for the hospital, leading to the development of dynamic reporting solutions. This work lead to improved reporting at both state and federal levels. …upholds the interest of his customers first and foremost. Ian is able to span the divide between IT and business…

      John Sutherland, Chief Information Officer – Ramsay Health Care

    • “…[Ian] gained an understanding of the contextual nature of each process in order to understand our true requirements. …leveraged existing data sources in provision of more meaningful and relevant solutions …provided solutions where the vendor had failed to produce compliant reports, required by State and Federal government departments. …His intelligence and work ethic are to be admired …he takes comfort in being able to provide beneficial outcomes to the business.

      Kempton Cowan, Chief Executive Officer – Joondalup Health Campus

    • “Historical evidence suggests that [the business] failed to invoice clients for training delivered thereby losing revenue. Because of [system functionality, ie., process management] there is evidence the incidence of missed invoices is now zero.

      Contract & Procurement Officer – WA Government Training Organisation (NoR)

    • “[Ian] actually listened and understood my work needs and provided a real working solution. The standard of his programming is excellent and his attention to detail obsessive.

      Prof Jenny Deague, Director of Cardiology – Joondalup Health Campus

    • “…displays an intuitive analysis of the desired outcomes in anticipating obstacles or problems in advance.

      Chief Finance Officer – WA Government Training Organisation (SoR)

    • “…intelligent and logical… with the rare gift of common sense.

      Dr Stephen Richards, Head of Department of Medicine – Joondalup Health Campus

    • “…analytic and lateral process thinking associated with multi-dimensional approach, precision and persistence when faced with a complex problem. …turning otherwise futile situations into workable, productive ones.”

      Dr Farid Taba, Director of Hospital-GP Liason Division – Joondalup Health Campus

    • “He was able to translate our business requirements into an information system that has become the core of our business administration and operation. …Our business has grown and branched out into different marketing areas, resulting in the adaptation of business rules and processes. In all related stages of our growth, the Modillion system has handled these adaptations seamlessly. ...built with the objective to be autonomous, thereby minimizing the need for future development costs. Functions and features are in place that allow the system to grow and evolve as the business does. …His solution designs and implementations have always met our requirements, been reliable, and delivered in a very timely fashion.”

      Kandi Revian, Business Manager – Redfish Media

    • “We had special and unusual needs which required Modillion Technology to apply significant lateral thinking to the database design. They very effectively studied our situation and our desired outcomes, then wrote the core database for us. We were then lead through a detailed examination and discussion process which fine-tuned the database so it achieved exactly what we needed. Modillion Technology has proven to be personable, approachable, competent and reliable – very unusual in the IT world.

      Wayne Patterson, Project Manager – Transform Cambodia

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